‘World’s Happiest Dog’ Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

Lady Shortcake, a 6-year-old Pit Bull, has a stunning smile. Her human fell in love with her because of it, and now that she’s adopted, she grins even more! It happens when she’s excited, but it also happens when she’s trying to get herself out of trouble. In any case, her distinct expression is one-of-a-kind.

This adorable rescue doggie has captured the hearts of dog lovers all over the world. Her social media updates usually make people’s days better. Just looking at her will melt your heart!

Image: @theladyshortcake/Instagram

The Road to a Loving Home

Unfortunately, Shortcake the happy dog wasn’t always living the dream. Animal control discovered her alone on the streets of Fresno, California. She had a hernia and acute mange at the time.

She was initially taken to a local shelter before being transferred to Fresno Bully Rescue. Amy Matsushima first heard of Shortcake after seeing a video of the beautiful girl at the vet. Shortcake appeared worried, but she still had her charming smile, according to her. Matsushima believed she had no choice but to adopt her.

Image: @theladyshortcake/Instagram

“She looked unhappy, yet she was wagging her tail and had that small smile on her face,” Matsushima recalled. “It just hit me in the heart, and I thought, ‘Oh, I have to meet this dog.'”

Shortcake’s face brightened even more once she was adopted. She grinned throughout the day, from nap time to car excursions. She’s been in a loving home for five years and can’t believe how fortunate she is to have found such a beautiful family.

Image: @theladyshortcake/Instagram

Her smile has a way of melting people’s hearts.

Shortcake’s skin issues were completely healed after a few months in her forever home. She was feeling more like herself, which explains her larger smiles. Matsushima claims that the Pit Bull enjoys playing and cuddling, but she dislikes going for walks. She’ll even flash her adorable smile to ask her mother to let her slumber more instead of walk.

Image: @theladyshortcake/Instagram

“I’m not sure why she smiles so much,” remarked Matsushima. “I can’t get her to do it on cue.”

Shortcake’s social media popularity grows by the day. Her mother shares images of the rescue dog dressed up, having adventures, and, of course, smiling. Shortcake’s popularity will undoubtedly demonstrate to the rest of the world how gratifying adopting a rescue dog can be. They may never stop smiling, after all!


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