Women Raises Tiny Piglet and Finds Her the Perfect Forever Home

When Sharn noticed a pet carrier rattling at the back of a garage on the farm, she went over to take a look. Charging around the pet carrier was a tiny piglet, but Sharn couldn’t for the life of her understand where she came from.

Sharn via The Dodo

The piglet was understandably scared and wanted to get out of the carrier. Sharn opened it up and let the piglet out. As she picked her up, she realized she was as light as a feather.

Sharn thinks the only logical explanation for the piglet’s appearance in the garage is that somebody stole her and then abandoned her there, hoping someone would find her.

Sharn via The Dodo

That’s when Sharn took it upon herself to mother the tiny piglet, who she named Sunny. Sunny quickly adapted to life with her new mum and took to bottle feeding right away. She also had a sense of adventure, and would follow Sharn everywhere, even out on walks around the farm.

As the pair started to spend more time with one another, Sharn realized that Sunny had a wonderful personality of her own. She loved running around in circles and would even bark like a dog when she became super excited!

Sharn via The Dodo

Although Sharn absolutely loved having Sunny around, she knew in her heart that she couldn’t feasibly keep her. She wanted to get Sunny into a sanctuary with other pigs, so she could live a full and sociable life with her own kind.

Someone recommended Death Row Unchained to Sharn, who were more than happy to take Sunny in and provide her with a new home.

Sharn via The Dodo

Although it took Sunny a little while to settle in to her new home, she was happy to be among other piglets and Sharn is thrilled that the tiny little puppy that she found in the pet carrier, is now living a full and happy life at a sanctuary.

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