Woman’s Bond with Her Horse Helps Her Through Illness

Rachel is grateful every day for the spell-binding relationship she has developed with her horse, Willow. Since rescuing her, the two have grown inseparable, and Rachel loves nothing more than heading out into nature to ride with Willow at every opportunity.

Rachel via The Dodo

They ride along trails together, gallop across the beach, and even enjoy camping out in the wild. Their relationship is very special, and Rachel never takes it for granted.

But when Rachel found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her relationship with Willow took on even more significance.

Rachel via The Dodo

She found solace and inspiration in the wild and carefree nature of the horse, and was amazed that Willow seemed to understand that something wasn’t quite right with Rachel. It was almost as if she realized that her human was sick, and she tended to her with even more love and affection than usual.

Rachel via The Dodo

As soon as Rachel finished a session of chemotherapy, she would leave the clinic and go out to visit Willow. Although she felt incredibly sick, just being outside with Willow made her feel instantly better, and is something that really helped her pull through the darkest moments of her cancer journey.

Willow is so special to Rachel, that she moved out of her home so she could move and live on site with her horse. It means that every morning when Rachel wakes up, Willow is standing outside waiting for her, so they can enjoy the day together.

Rachel via The Dodo

Having cancer has changed Rachel’s priorities in life, and she’s realized just how important it is for her to be with Willow as often as she can.

And thankfully, Rachel has now undergone all of her treatment and is cancer free, which is wonderful to hear. And thanks to her beautiful relationship with Willow, she was able to get through the most difficult stages of her battle with the awful disease.

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