Woman Spends Years Getting A Feral Dog To Come Inside Her House

Molly was a feral dog that had been on the lot for about seven years. Although she killed squirrels and rabbits there, everyone in the neighborhood was kind to her.

Ryan via The Dodo

They needed to move the dog off the lot because there was a big project that was going to be constructed on the lot.

Ryan realized that this dog was beautiful. Therefore, she planned to get the dog to come inside her house.

Ryan via The Dodo

Molly didn’t know how to interact with humans, so it was not easy to get her trust. Actually, it probably took Ryan a year to get Molly’s huge trust. Then Molly was carried inside as sleeping and woke up in the house.

Ryan via The Dodo

Ryan’s two dogs immediately started a special bond with Molly. They taught her how to be a dog and how to play together. She learned a lot of things day by day.

Ryan via The Dodo

Ryan was happy to see her blossoming into a proper dog. She was happier when Molly’s cancer was treated. Now Molly has got more time to be with her great family.

Ryan via The Dodo

Ryan said: “It taught me a lot about being patient and listening to what the other person has to say”

To see more from Molly, you keep up with her on Instagram.

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