Woman Spends a Whole Year Trying to Rescue a Dog Chained to a Tree

Laura drove by a house in Virginia and noticed a dog outside. At first glance, there was nothing unusual, but something about the dog’s behavior caused Laura to stop and check things out.

She noticed that the dog was actually chained to a large tree. She had no food or water, and there was only a rough looking kennel for her to sleep in at night.

Laura via The Dodo

She started visiting the dog once every few days, until she started recognizing Laura. She would bring food and treats and show her some love, something that her owner neglected to do.

Laura couldn’t believe that someone would be so cruel to a dog, so she called animal control. When officers came out, they said that so long as the dog has food and shelter, there’s nothing they could do.

Laura via The Dodo

Despairingly, Laura had to think of another way to try and rescue the dog from her horrible treatment. Laura stopped by to feed and interact with the dog three times a week for a whole year. Even during the winter, the dog was left chained to the tree.

When Laura took her mum to see the dog, she was persuaded to call animal control one more time. Only this time, they took the dog away from her owner. Animal control then asked Laura if she knew of anyone who might be willing to take the dog in, to which she replied, “I’m right here, I promise I’ll take her!’

Laura via The Dodo

Laura called the beautiful dog Takia, and she’s humbled by how grateful and appreciative her canine companion is of every little thing that Laura does for her.

It’s wonderful to know that after so many years of being chained to a tree, Takia is now free to enjoy the warmth of a loving family.

Laura via The Dodo

This is a heart wrenching story but is proof that some humans will do anything they can to save the life of a helpless animal.

Way to go, Laura! You guys deserve to live a long and happy life together.

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