Woman In Ukraine Seen Comforting A Cat While Air Raid Sirens Sound

There has been no shortage of heartbreaking images and videos coming out of war-torn Ukraine in the last few weeks.

But in the midst of the devastation and migration, we’ve also seen glimpses of humanity and hope.

An international correspondent on the ground in Ukraine took a break from his war reporting Monday to focus on a touching tableau of love and care amid the backdrop of the devastated capital city of Kiev.

In a tweet, Yingst shared a video of a young woman on the street clutching a kitten in her arms while air raid sirens sounded.

It’s not clear if the woman knew the cat before or if this was their first encounter, but showing compassion in the face of a ongoing bombardment isn’t confined to animals.

Yet another video was posted by user Yingst, this time depicting an elderly guy feeding pigeons while violence rages around him.

“Humanity persists,” says Yingst commented:

These images, of course, are just a few of the many acts of kindness that Ukrainians are doing each day that aren’t captured by a journalist’s camera.

Animal rescue organizations, in addition to the many unsung animal lovers, are striving to help animals and their owners in the wake of recent events in Ukraine. Find out how you can help by visiting this site and learning more about the work that is being done.

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