Woman Gets The Sweetest Tattoo In Memory Of Her Beloved Dog

Anna Halcin and her beloved dog, Sebastian, were inseparable friends for six long and joyful years. The small pooch never failed to make Halcin grin despite all of life’s ups and downs.

“He was and always will be dear to me,” Halcin told The Dodo. “We were the best of friends.”


Among the many ways Sebastian would express his affection for Halcin was a charming gesture he’d devised entirely on his own.

Sebastian would stroll up to Halcin and put his little paws around his arm, always at the precise moment.

“He enjoyed hugging my arm,” Halcin recalled.


However, as enjoyable as their time together was, it couldn’t stay forever. Sebastian died in October of last year.

Halcin was devastated to be separated from her favorite puppy. But, in the middle of her anguish, she devised a sweet way to keep Sebastian with her forever.

“I wanted something that will always be there for me, no matter what,” Halcin explained.

She went with a design that resembled Sebastian’s favorite pose:


Just as Sebastian would hug Halcin in person, he now does so in spirit, as exemplified by the creative tribute.

“Every time I look down, it’s as if he’s cuddling me,” Halcin explained. “It’s really helped me cope.”

Sebastian may be gone, but he continues to make Halcin smile and bring her comfort when she needs it the most. He’d always done it that way.


Sebastian now lives on in the hearts of others thanks to the tattoo he received in his honor.

When Halcin shared the tattoo with a pet loss support group on Facebook, she received an outpouring of well-wishes and appreciation – for both the tattoo and the adorable little dog that inspired it.


Sebastian’s embrace just keeps on giving.

“So many people messaged me after that, showing me images of their similar-looking dogs, and I see him in every single one of them,” Halcin explained. “Every time, I like to assume it’s him saying, ‘Hi, Mama.'”

h/t: The DoDo


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