Woman Finally Figures Out Why People Won’t Stop Pointing At Her Dog While On A Walk

Minnie and her mother, Peggy Kern, went for a walk one day, as they normally did. Everything appeared normal at first, but Kern soon observed that people were staring and pointing at them more than usual.

Kern expects people to adore Minnie because she is cute, but this was on another level, and she couldn’t figure out why.


“I was wearing headphones and listening to an audiobook, so I wasn’t sure what was going on or why people were staring at us more than normal,” Kern explained to The Dodo. “I was concerned that I had anything on my face!”

Minnie eventually looked up at her mother, and Kern burst out laughing.

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Minnie had discovered a pacifier on the ground somewhere along the route and chose to pick it up and bring it with her. People passing by noticed what appeared to be a dog suckling on a pacifier and couldn’t get enough of it, naturally.

“Everything made sense,” Kern remarked.


Kern and Minnie resumed their walk after the mystery had been solved. Minnie adored the pacifier so much that her mother let her keep it for a time, until she became overly excited and began to shatter it.

“Toward the end, she ended up biting it and tearing a piece off, so I had to remove it away from her so she didn’t ingest anything,” Kern explained.

Kern had planned a very routine stroll that day, but Minnie found a way to make it more thrilling and enjoyable for everyone she encountered.


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