Woman Becomes Friends With Little Snake Who Lives In Her Screen Door

Bootsy the cat was relaxing by his screen door one day when he discovered a snake in need of assistance and instantly notified his mother. She discovered the snake was stuck in a hole in the screen door and couldn’t get out, so she grabbed a drill and slowly began enlarging the hole bigger so the snake, subsequently named Snickers, could free himself.

“It just took a few minutes with the drill, but it took Snickers about 30 minutes to feel safe enough to try to exit the larger hole,” Bootsy’s mother, Melisa Taylor, told The Dodo.

Taylor didn’t think much of it when Snickers slithered away-until he reappeared.

“Surprisingly, he was back in a day or two,” Taylor said. “My cat spotted it again, pushing its head out of the hole and peering through the glass.”


Taylor wanted to make sure Snickers was safe after discovering he was reportedly living on her screen door. She needed everyone to know that it was his house and that they shouldn’t bother him, so the only obvious next step was to hang signs.


There are now multiple signs adorning Snickers’ house. They’re designed to be amusing and silly, and they’ve certainly made everyone who’s seen them happy.

“The majority of them laugh or think it’s cute and wholesome,” Taylor says. “I’ve gotten a lot of thanks for saving it from the tiny hole.”


Taylor doesn’t see Snickers every day, but when she does, she’s always overjoyed. Even if she doesn’t see him, she enjoys knowing he’s there. He’s now regarded as a valuable part of the family.


“It keeps the dangerous snakes out of my yard, and I am grateful to him,” Taylor added.

Snickers and his family can be found on TikTok.

h/t: The DoDo


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