Woman ‘Baby-Talks’ To Terrified Puppy, Is Gifted With A Sign Gratitude In Return

Layla, a 7-week-old puppy from Beaumont, Texas, was frightened and nervous when she was picked up by Beaumont Animal Care. Her young, frail body had already gone through a lot.

Rachel Barron, a vet tech, noted the puppy’s anxiety. Rachel’s only goal was to put her at ease. Rachel took it a step further. Layla beamed a smile that could soften even the coldest hearts by chatting to her in “baby-talk.”

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Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Fortunately, Rachel had her phone with her and videotaped the entire incident. Layla’s change in behavior demonstrated to the world how much kindness meant to a fearful puppy like her. Her tail wags and smile are hilarious!

Layla was ready to be adopted once she was old enough and in better condition. Of course, since Layla’s video was shared (and shared) on social media, she received a flood of applications. But the ideal couple, Nicole Toney and her husband, who had previously rescued several dogs and cats, were discovered to be the perfect match.

The Toney family and Layla clicked quickly, as the animal hospital suspected. Lady, one of their rescue dogs, was particularly taken with Layla, and the two quickly became good friends. The pair added that because Lady had just given birth prior to being rescued, they believe Layla reminded Lady of her babies.

Just like Layla, there are countless other homeless animals in need of a new home. Many others have yet to find their happily ever after, however she did.

Please, if you have the resources, think about adopting a child. Share Layla’s story if you have a full heart and a full house. All animals have the right to the finest possible care and treatment. A big thank you to The Dodo for creating this cute montage of Layla and her new life, which you can see here. Enjoy!


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