This woman adopts a pitbull and the dog can’t stop hugging her

When Kayla Filoon, a student who helps as a dog walker at a Philadelphia animal shelter, first spotted Russ the pit bull, she felt there was something special between them. “He came in as a stray and was somewhat battered,” Filoon explained to The Dodo. “His tail and ears lacked fur. Additionally, he was emaciated.” “He was just sitting there peacefully, staring at me,” the 20-year-old lady continued. And I considered… I need to take him immediately.”

Filoon was well aware that she needed to act quickly, as the shelter had recently had to put 15 dogs down. “Any dog stood a risk of being put down, especially the sicker ones, and Russ was most certainly one of them,” the woman explained.

After that, she headed straight to the animal shelter to finalize the adoption paperwork the very following day. Filoon stated he tried to cuddle with him one night when she was doing schoolwork on the chair.

After a mutual acquaintance posted a picture of the two of them, the image quickly went viral. “Honestly, he’s such a sweetheart.”


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