Willie the Office Pittie Has Only Love to Give

Willie the Office Pittie Has Only Love to Give

While having a work dog isn’t necessarily unusual if you work in a garage or workshop, it is perhaps a little strange if you work in a busy office!

But Willie has made everyone at his office realize that they couldn’t imagine life without him.

Every day, he arrives at the office at 9.00 am with his human owner. Just like everyone else, he heads straight in the front door and sets about his daily business!

Christina via The Dodo

Willie’s early morning routine in the office sees him visit Mandi, first, and then he continues to introduce himself to everyone else who’s already at their desks.

And to be fair, that’s pretty much Willie’s thing. He spends the vast majority of his day weaving in and out of the various rooms in the office, greeting the people working hard at their desks.

When he wanders into a room, he will give a hearty ‘woooo’ – it’s not really appropriate to call it a bark!

Christina via The Dodo

The other thing that Willie thoroughly enjoys doing is shredding boxes. He appoints himself as the main recycling man in the office, and sees to it that any boxes that are just lying around are quickly and efficiently destroyed!

Although he leaves quite the trail of mess behind, he’s delighted that he’s been able to make a contribution to the office.

When lunchtime comes around, Willie does the rounds. He sits patiently by the feet of his co-workers and waits to see if any treats will land in his mouth. Mike, the office boss, always has a little something to give to his canine buddy at lunch.

Christina via The Dodo

And once he’s had his fill, it’s time for him to take a nap. While his co-workers would surely love to follow suit, they certainly wouldn’t get away with sleeping on the job. But nobody seems to mind when Willie chills out in the middle of the afternoon.

After watching this video, who could possibly disagree with the sentiment that every office needs a dog! To keep up with the mischievous Willie and to follow his workplace adventures, you can follow him on Instagram.

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