Wildlife Takes Over Kids’ Climbing Frame with Nightly Visits

Like any loving father, Robert wanted to create a safe outside space for his kids to play. That’s when he had the idea of constructing a wooden climbing frame in the back yard.

While his kids absolutely loved the outside space, it was clear to Robert that they weren’t the only ones in awe of the climbing frame! It quickly became a popular spot for a whole host of wild animals, who were intrigued at the structure and began exploring the frame.

Robert via The Dodo

The first wild animals that Robert saw on the climbing frame was a family of stoats. He watched curiously as the tiny family explored the various areas of the frame, and seemingly had a great time in his garden!

Robert via The Dodo

Intrigued, Robert set up a video camera to see if any other wild animals used the frame when the kids weren’t in the garden. And as it turned out, the frame is definitely more popular with animals than it is with the kids!

Robert via The Dodo

The frame hosts badgers, owls, hares, foxes, hedgehogs, deer, and various other wildlife when the kids have vacated it for the day. While the animals seem to arrive at dusk and dawn, it’s actually at night fall when the climbing frame really comes alive!

Robert decided to give the animals a bit of a challenge, and he put some food on the steep climbing wall at one side of the frame. Watching the badgers clamber up the side of the frame makes great viewing, and shows just how interested they are in the structure.

Robert via The Dodo

There are even times when a barn owl and stoat share the climbing frame, which is unusual as the two are common garden rivals! For Robert, this is proof that the frame offers a kind of truce, and all of the wild animals that visit are respectful of one another.

As a wildlife artist, you can view a collection of Robert’s beautiful work by visiting his website.

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