Wild Squirrel Decides to Set up Home Next to the Human Who Rescued Him

When Chris got out of his car one day, he noticed a tiny squirrel curled up by the side of the road. He looked around for the squirrel’s mum, but couldn’t find her anywhere.

Chris Schade via The Dodo

Chris decided that he couldn’t just leave the squirrel abandoned with no one to care for him, so he took matters into his own hands. With rehabilitation centers closed because of COVID-19, he realized that he had to think of a way of caring for the squirrel himself.

So, he developed a homemade formula and began to feed the squirrel every day himself. Over the course of a few weeks, Acorn the squirrel got stronger, and Chris was thrilled that he was becoming a little more independent.

Chris Schade via The Dodo

In fact, Acorn just loved being around his humans. He would play with Chris’ children, and eat snacks on the dining table. He even loved running up Chris’ shirt when he was leaving for work. But Chris became a little concerned, as he never intended to raise Acorn as a pet. He wanted to rehabilitate him.

Chris Schade via The Dodo

So, Chris began intentionally introducing Acorn to the great outdoors, and soon enough, he was no longer interested in coming inside. His natural instincts took over and he was extremely happy in the trees that surrounded Chris’ home.

Chris Schade via The Dodo

While Acorn didn’t come around every day to greet Chris, he built his nest in the tree directly opposite Chris’ back door. Overjoyed at this, Chris was so proud of Acorn for gaining his independence, but was also extremely grateful that his little buddy stayed close by.

Thanks to Chris’ love and dedication to this injured little animal, Acorn had the chance to live a free and full life in the wild. What an inspiring story, great job, Chris!

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