Wild Koala Hops Into Guy’s Car and Refuses to Leave!

As an Australian winemaker, Tim spends a significant amount of time outdoors. He often brings his dog along to work with him, who enjoys sitting in the front of the car watching his human work.

Tim tends to leave the windows open so his dog can hop in and out of the car at his leisure, and one day last year, he came back to his car to be greeted by an incredible surprise.

Tim via The Dodo

A koala bear had jumped into the bag of the car and was sitting on the seats!

Totally unfazed by Tim’s dog, the koala sat there and seemed to be reveling in his new surroundings. Tim headed to some nearby bush and tried to encourage the koala to hop out of the car and back into his natural environment, but he was clearly very comfortable in the car and didn’t want to go anywhere!

Tim via The Dodo

Because it was a hot day, Tim offered the koala some water and continually tried to coax the little bear out from the back seats, to no avail.

Tim was convinced that the koala loved the feeling of the air conditioning, and he made absolutely no attempt to jump out of his car!

Tim via The Dodo

When Tim tried to encourage the koala out of the back of his car, he ambled into the front and tried to make himself comfortable under the windshield! Tim was having absolutely no luck with the koala and remained patient with the furry intruder.

Tim via The Dodo

After what seemed like an eternity (and after tearing Tim’s dash!) the koala eventually hopped out of the car and climbed up a nearby tree.

Fortunately, Tim’s visitor was extremely friendly and he left the car unscathed and uninjured, thanks to Tim’s patience and care.

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