Wild Fox Befriends Little Kitten Through Window

Jennifer Rutter enjoys looking out of her London home’s windows to see what nature has to offer. But she’s had a special visitor since February.

Rutter’s garden is frequented by a plucky little fox that enjoys soaking up the sun on the sill of her window.

This fox is “a favorite on our block,” according to Rutter, who told The Dodo that he saw her virtually every day. Their windows are always open to keep an eye on her.”


Since the vixen is so well-behaved, Rutter doesn’t mind having her as a neighbor. Rutter remarked, “She seems so pleasant and gentle,” and she was right. The only thing I don’t like about her is the trash she leaves behind in my garden.”

Rutter has even received gifts from the fox, who has left the trinkets at her door. “It’s brought me so many presents,” Rutter remarked. Moldy limes, heaps of chicken drumsticks, a solitary sausage, a small toy car — but bread seems to be the best of the bunch.


Except for Rutter’s kitten, Dodo, no one had ever seen the fox until this week, when he decided to make a friend with him.

When the fox appeared at the window, Dodo was in the home office with her mother. The daring cat jumped at the chance to play with the wild fox right away.


Rutter said, “Dodo was on my knee, and I pointed the fox out to her…. It was then that I began filming her as she ran up to the window and got the fox’s attention. Before, I’d never seen them interact, and seeing them mimic each other was quite emotional.”

The heartfelt moment can be seen here:

When Dodo chirped and pawed at the window to say hello, the calm fox watched as she went back to doing her thing in the woods.

Rutter described the fox as “inquisitive and playful—not a threat.” “It was as though Dodo had interrupted her, and she was generously giving the baby cat some attention,” she said.

In anticipation of future visits from the fox, Rutter and Dodo eagerly anticipate the gifts she will bring.


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