Wild Crow Shows Incredible Gesture To Mom With Sick Son

A new neighbor arrived across the street from Anne Edwards’ house in Scotland around five years ago. Mildred was a crow named by Edwards.

They hadn’t been strangers for long.


Edwards was at home one day when she heard a disturbance outside. Edwards rushed to the location and discovered Mildred and one of her fledgling chicks sitting on her fence. A cat crept nearby, ready to pounce.

Edwards decided to intervene.

“I saved the baby crow and returned it to Mildred’s nest across the road,” Edwards told The Dodo.

Mildred was visibly moved by Mildred’s act of charity.


“She then started bringing all her chicks to my garden,” Edwards explained, adding that this became an annual tradition: “Every year, she brings her new brood of chicks to my garden.”

On another occasion, after discovering one of Mildred’s children on the ground, Edwards returned him to her nest. Mildred’s concerned heart was relieved once more by that wonderful gesture.

The wild crow, on the other hand, recently had cause to repay the favor.


Last week, Edwards’ son became ill and required an ambulance ride from his home to the hospital.

Mildred was probably watching from a tree across the street. She could sense the pain in the heart of the person who had treated her and her own children so well in the past.

The crow chose to console Edwards.


“When I got home from the hospital that night,” Edwards explained, “I heard Mildred cawing pretty loudly outside my bedroom window.” “When I stepped outdoors, Mildred was sitting alone and exposed on a bare tree.” This was out of the ordinary behavior.”

Mildred’s house tree is densely covered in leaves, providing shelter from the elements. However, she had decided to stay close to Edwards at the sacrifice of her own comfort.

“She stayed all night,” Edwards explained. Mildred returned the next night, with Edwards’ kid still in the hospital.


The soothing presence of the crow did indeed comfort Edwards in her hour of need.

“We’re both mothers,” Edwards pointed out. “And, just as I looked after her chicks, she looked after my family while my kid was in the hospital.”


When Edwards’ son was in the hospital, he got better on the third day, and he could go home to recover.

His concerned mother couldn’t have been happier. Mildred, it seemed, noticed as well.

“As soon as my kid got home, she went back to her usual roosting spot,” Edwards added. “We are grateful to everyone who gave us well wishes and to our buddy Mildred, who watches over us from the skies.”

h/t: The DoDo


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