Woman Can’t Believe Who She Finds Hiding In Her Pile Of Laundry

Woman Can’t Believe Who She Finds Hiding In Her Pile Of Laundry

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A woman recently heard soft rustling beneath a laundry pile in her shed.

She gingerly peeled back a portion of the fabric and saw two enormous brown eyes peering up at her, at which point she knew she had to assist.

wombat looking at camera

Unbeknownst to the woman, a wombat had taken refuge in the warm blankets. She contacted Yolandi Vermaak, president and creator of Wombat Rescue, but the wombat had already fled by the time Vermaak arrived.

Fortunately, the wombat quickly returned. This time, Vermaak rediscovered the child wrapped under her beloved blanket. Vermaak was first concerned that the wombat might flee the rescue, but the animal appeared content.

“She had no plans to flee. “Absolutely not,” Vermaak responded on Facebook. She was snug as a bug in the blue blanket, refusing to give it up.

Here you can view Vermaak’s discovery footage:

Vermaak determined that a heavy downpour flooded the wombat’s burrow, prompting her to take refuge in the warm, dry clothes. Vermaak asked the woman whether the wombat might stay for a few days until her burrow dried, and the woman was delighted to assist.

Vermaak told The Dodo that this woman exceeded expectations. “[She added] an old mattress and put a blanket over the mattress using pegs to create a small cave… to provide the wombat some security. This delighted the wombat, who slept beneath it for several days.”

Vermaak treated the wombat for mange, and the animal appeared relieved to receive the necessary care.

“She didn’t growl or run,” Vermaak claimed. “She simply laid there and allowed me to treat her.”

Vermaak says that when a wombat appears at your doorway, they are in difficulty, typically owing to a damaged burrow or disease, as they do not normally associate with humans.

“When they enter sheds or under porches,” stated Vermaak, “They are requesting assistance.”

wombat in blanket

With a dry hole to return to and a coat free of hazardous mange, this fortunate wombat is undoubtedly thankful to everyone who assisted her.

And if her hole is ever flooded again, she knows a secure, warm blanket is close.

Follow Wombat Rescue on Instagram and YouTube.

To help other wombats like this one, make a donation to Wombat Rescue here.


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