Willie Nelson rescued 70 horses from a slaughterhouse to let them roam freely at his Texas ranch

Willie Nelson rescued 70 horses from a slaughterhouse to let them roam freely at his Texas ranch

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Not only is he still active at the age of 85, but he has also produced more than 30 films and written a lot of books. The celebrity is frequently on the road, but when he’s not, he’s usually at his ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Yet earlier this year, the singer rescued 70 horses in the nick of time, just before they were to be transferred to a slaughterhouse and then an adhesive factory. Unfortunately, there are many more wild horses in holding pens than in the wild, which is a horrible fate for these gentle and magnificent animals. As a horse fanatic, Willie could not foresee this happening. The singer, musician, poet, and lobbyist relocated the horses to his Texas property, Luck Ranch, around 30 miles outside Austin. The majority of the horses he saved were scheduled for slaughter. The cattle ranch is really fortunate, at least for the horses. There, they have ample space to roam and also are treated like kings and queens.

”My steeds are possibly the luckiest steeds in the world,” Nelson told ABC Information. ” They obtain hand-fed two times a day, and they were just all set to head to slaughter is possibly the last point they remembered, so they more than happy steeds.” Willie’s love for the animals is well documented: He mentions them in many of his tunes.

Despite being at an age where the bulk of folks are settling down in a retirement community, this country music superstar still travels over 200 days each year. Nelson enjoys nothing more than driving his ancient pickup vehicle around the Luck Cattle ranch when he is not visiting. Willie Nelson’s good work extends way back. In 1985, he, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp decided to establish Farm Aid in order to aid family farms and promote awareness of their relevance.

The first concert was held in the Memorial Arena at the College of Illinois in front of 80,000 people. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty were among the performers who raised more than $9 million for US family farmers. Willie has prevented the death of around seventy horses over the course of the past few years. Instead of being sent to a butcher’s house, his content equines now spend their days roaming the countryside and receiving hand-fed meals on a regular basis. Willie Nelson has also been an ardent and influential advocate for the prohibition of the slaughter of wild horses. As an illustration, he has contacted Congress in support of the American Steed Slaughter Prevention Act.

“Contrary to what some persons assert, slaughter is not a compassionate type of assisted suicide, and these are not unwanted horses. Over 90% of slaughtered horses are young and healthy. Many are sold to slaughterhouses at closed auctions, while others are stolen pets,” Wille wrote. Willie claims that he can still ride a horse as well as he did when he was younger. The footage featured below is the acclaimed music video for his song “The Love of Equines” off his most recent album.

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