Wild Black Bear Casually Joins Family Picnic And Demands PB&J Sandwiches

Wild Black Bear Casually Joins Family Picnic And Demands PB&J Sandwiches

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A family on vacation in a rural forest location in Maryland saw a friendly black bear who decided to join their picnic.

In the astonishing video submitted to TikTok by Kaitlyn Nesbit, a black bear is seated on the picnic table’s edge.

He waited quietly and calmly for a peanut butter sandwich, which one of the men fed him directly from his hand.

Nesbitt was among the observers who gasped in surprise as they witnessed the event in Deep Creek near the cabin where her family is vacationing.

The group continued to prepare sandwiches for the bear, who sat with them as if he were a member of the group.

Nesbit stated, “This was a friend’s cabin and they said the bear is always there but never really disturbs them.”

Some members of our group are accustomed to being in the wilderness, so we were instructed not to make any sudden moves and to remain still.

The majority of passengers were terrified and filmed the event from the ship’s deck, while only the daring tried their luck.

The bear came from the trees in search of food before joining the picnicking group of four males and one woman.

The party sipped drinks and munched on goodies while nervously observing the eager beast awaiting its food.

One of the men decided to retrieve a loaf of bread while pointing his finger at the bear and instructing it to wait while he prepared the sandwich, exactly like one would with a dog.

In the video, passersby can be heard saying, “This is a f*****g joke, right?” We had the same thought.

When the sandwich is ready, the guy offers it to the bear, who takes it slowly from his hand.

They even concealed a bunch of beers in case the bear spotted a cool beverage.

Nesbit remarked, “Eventually, the mother simply strolled back into the woods uninjured.”

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