Elephants Enjoyed Happiness To Be Saved After Years Of Abuse In The Circus!

Elephants Enjoyed Happiness To Be Saved After Years Of Abuse In The Circus!

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So delighted to hear that this elephant has been saved from A.B.S. and given a wonderful rest. They deserve the greatest life possible.

The elephants in the circus are not as content as you may believe; circus acts such as balancing, painting, and trunk swinging require the elephants to endure severe training.

Mia and Sita, two circus elephants, were saved from decades of fatigue by good fortune. They are occupied while not performing and are unable to fully recline for relaxation.

The efforts of volunteer organizations to preserve these sad lives have been exhaustive.

Mia and her pal Sita were placed on a special elephant convoy that traveled more than 1,200 miles through torrential rains, day and night, to the Wildlife SOS-operated Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India.

The trip has been hard and exhausting, but it has been filled with optimism!

Mia appears to collapse with happiness as she enters the sanctuary, free of [sh.ackles]. She reclined and savored her first minutes of independence.

Mia was recently observed peacefully dozing, a luxury she has not enjoyed in decades. Only those with insomnia can comprehend the weariness caused by a lack of sleep. Truly, elephants cannot be tortured by denying them slumber.

Mia is happier than ever and has no fear of being interviewed by reporters. She kept her head up high and clapped her ear toward the camera as a videographer approached. She almost smiled for the camera before collapsing to continue sleeping on the wonderful earth.

Observe this emotional moment in the following video:

So happy that she is now liberated…

So relieved that this elephant will have a peaceful rest and be protected from maltreatment. All elephants must be protected from this heinous act. No animal should be subjected to such deplorable conditions!

I appreciate you rescuing her. Now she may live safely and in peace! Enjoy your independence, young one…

Bless her and those who rescued her! I wish her a good and long life!

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