Elephant stops traffic by taking a nap in the middle of a highway

Elephant stops traffic by taking a nap in the middle of a highway

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Welcome to the video of this elephant that stopped traffic by taking a nap in the middle of the highway. It was on the way to work, and it took a nap in the middle of the highway. Let’s watch the video and see what happened.

This is the astonishing moment an elephant sleeps across the road and obstructs traffic. Nattawat Patsungsing, a 57-year-old motorcyclist in Nakhon Ratchasima, northern Thailand, was late for work because of the stubborn animal’s 20-minute slumber. Mr. Patsungsing, who videotaped the magnificent Indian elephant from his car, was forced to halt and remain silent to prevent the animal from charging him.

The video begins with Mr. Patsungsing driving slowly near the elephant. After zooming in, one can observe the sleeping animal’s legs twitching and its ears flapping.

The elephant finally raises his legs.

It regarded Mr. Patsungsing as he slowly retreated. Mr Patsungsing said: ‘Oh boy… you are taking all the way. Can you move, young lad? I must report to work.

Additionally, he was heard calling the elephant “sir” while it stood completely motionless.

The driver stated that wildlife officials in the area informed him that the elephant was named Nga-Thong, which means ‘golden tusk’ in Thai.

Officials report that the monster frequently rests on the concrete road to warm up.

Mr. Patsungsing continued, “Nga-Thong doesn’t like to show himself when the road is congested with automobiles and buses are noisy, so the national park staff sees him frequently. They claimed that he was timid.

I waited around twenty minutes before he finally stood up. That day, I was late for work, but I was thrilled to see him so near.

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