Cesar Millan removes muzzle from ‘angry’ German Shepherd for chance to show his true colors

Cesar Millan removes muzzle from ‘angry’ German Shepherd for chance to show his true colors

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We are all familiar with Cesar Millan’s exceptional ability with dogs. Since the premiere of his reality television series The Dog Whisperer in 2004, he has become an almost household celebrity.

He even has a website where you can read about the advice and techniques he employs on the show.

The Dog Whisperer has repeatedly demonstrated that he is the person to contact when your dog is misbehaving.

Even now, revisiting his prior successes with difficult dogs is a valuable learning experience.

Like with this German Shepherd, Ovechkin.

Source: YouTube screenshot – Dabl

Ovechkin has anger issues.

Because of this, this stubborn Shepherd has caused troubles for his family. When he feels like it, he grunts, snaps, and likely bites.

The dog has not yet learnt to respect limits. Specifically because he believes he is the only one who can have boundaries.

And teaching a huge, protective breed with a tendency to snap is more difficult than it sounds. Then Cesar comes into play.

As Cesar approaches the residence, he urges his men not to follow him too closely. Ovechkin may perceive a huge group as a threat, which will make matters more difficult.

He explains the source of the issue rather simply: Ovechkin has claimed a large portion of the house as his territory.

If he disapproves of someone entering it, he will definitely let them know. Typically, this includes growling and snapping.

Cesar’s plan is simple but clever.

Ovechkin needs to know what it’s like to not have territory.

He brought a muzzled Ovechkin to his own residence and then went to work. Cesar removed the muzzle once they arrived, and it was as though Ovechkin had flipped a switch.

Earlier, he had his teeth bared and was preparing to bite. Now, he was as quiet as a mouse and visibly uneasy.

But that was just the start.

Rehabilitation requires effort, patience, and advancement. Cesar was prepared to deploy some of his alternative strategies. The first was a boundary-setting exercise.

Ovechkin is instructed to sit in a corner next to an electric fan. The concept is based on the fact that pets loathe being confined near to noisy electronic devices. It makes them feel insignificant and uncomfortable.

And for good measure, Cesar also produces a walking stick. Not for hitting or fetching, mind you.

He communicates to the dog what a healthy distance is by using its reach.

“Ovechkin is no longer in his territory. So when I removed his muzzle, he didn’t attack. But I need him to surrender to me so I can begin his rehabilitation.”

“Once you take away what they are aggressive about, in this case his territory and owner, they completely change. They change dramatically. So now we can say we tamed the beast.”

Now the more complex exercises begin.

This is impossible for Cesar in any old home. The dog psychology center was the best possible location for his pet’s rehabilitation.

Ovechkin was well overdue for some discipline lessons.

The camera team was unprepared for Cesar’s request to participate. It appears that extra hands were required for this task.

The task was simple.

Create a circle and prevent Ovechkin from entering it. This circle is their exclusive place, and the dog must understand he cannot simply enter it.

To facilitate the workout, each participant carried a container containing food.

Even when Ovechkin circled them and nonchalantly sized them up, the crew maintained a pillar-like stance.

To emphasize their point to Ovechkin, they got down on their knees and offered food to the other dogs, but not to the German Shepherd.

Cesar suggested they use simple, forceful motions to deter the dog.

Cesar instructed one crew member not to refuse the dog food by reversing their position. That will just encourage Ovechkin to invade the personal space, he argues.

“If he comes to the food, you can open it, but he’s not allowed to touch it.”

“The level of energy you put into the communication is going to allow him to understand what you want.”

Now, Cesar removes Ovechkin’s muzzle, much to the concern of several of the crew. Though they would quickly realize that Cesar would never put them in danger.

Muzzles off

They repeat the same practice with his muzzle removed, and instantly Ovechkin has learnt his limits.

Gabe, a member of the crew, kneeled as Ovechkin approached the dish.

With a simple, calm hand gesture, he informs the dog that the food is not his. And naturally, Ovechkin left without growling or snapping.

Due to the Dog whisperer’s years of experience, Ovechkin was well on his way to becoming the family dog he needed to be.

See how Cesar tames Ovechkin in the video above!

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