Ukrainian Police Rescue Puppy From Wreckage Near Donetsk and Return it to 77-Year-Old Owner

Even though the current war in Ukraine continues to astound the world with a rising number of catastrophes, amazing stories have arisen that demonstrate that goodness can occur even in the darkest of times. After Russian forces shelled the Donetsk area village of Mykhailivka on April 12, Ukrainian police rushed to the scene to assist locals. They were caring to the ruins of a fallen house when they heard a puppy squeal.

So, with no time to waste, all of the rescuers set out to dig the animal up, using gloves to pry rock and debris out of the pile. The police discovered a little black dog, shivering and covered in dust, beneath the ruins. Surprisingly, the small dog had survived the blast and had been gasping for oxygen beneath the ground for a long time before help arrived.

After cleaning the puppy up a bit and giving it time to breathe, the police returned the pet to its 77-year-old owner, who could not find it after escaping the blast. While the man lost his home during the shelling, he was extremely thankful to the rescuers for locating his beloved pup. Afterward, both he and the dog received proper medical attention, but are believed to be recovering well. While this story ended well for those involved, the Donetsk region has been under incredible strain as the police and law enforcement officials try to provide assistance to others that were affected by the attack.

Ukrainian police rescue a puppy from a fallen house near Donetsk that was bombed by Russian forces.

Its 77-year-old owner survived the shelling but didn’t know where the pup had gone. The police sprung into action, digging up the rubble to uncover the lost animal.

Both the puppy and the owner were tended to by medics and are doing well.

Watch the full video of the puppy being rescued:

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