Trainer Saves Puppy 2 Hours Before Being Put Down, And This is How the Dog Repays Her!

As puppies, intelligent dogs frequently exhibit restlessness and uncontrollable activity. This was the case with Ruby, a puppy Australian Shepherd. The shelter labeled her as unadoptable and prepared for her euthanasia. Patricia Inman, a dog trainer, intervened and begged for Ruby’s life just two hours before she was put down.

Patricia thought a gifted dog like Ruby would fit in well with the K9 squad. Ruby got accepted into a K9 training program as a result of her efforts. Her handler, Daniel O’Neil, had a lot of difficulties with her in the beginning. Ruby, on the other hand, became a force to be reckoned with after she settled down in a stable and loving household!

Over the course of seven years, Ruby and Daniel assisted in the resolution of numerous missing persons cases and saved countless lives. They got a call one day about a teenager who had been missing for 24 hours. The family was in a lot of pain. Ruby ultimately discovered the missing teen, who was passed out in the woods. After hitting his head in a fall, the teen was rushed to the hospital just in time to be rescued.

Officer Daniel was surprised to learn who the boy’s mother was when she came to thank him afterwards. Patricia, the trainer who had saved Ruby as a puppy, was the boy’s mother! Daniel told her Ruby was THE K9 who had saved her son’s life. Patricia was in tears as she attempted to comprehend this fortuitous coincidence. Her modest act of kindness saved her son’s life 7 years ago! What a marvel!

Watch Ruby’s journey and her emotional reunion with Patricia 7 years later in the video below!


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