Tiny Kitten Rescued from Streets Becomes One of the Gang

When Burrito was found, he was barely bigger than a bar of soap. Abandoned by his owners in a cardboard box, he was in a bad way.

His rescuers noticed that he couldn’t even drink by himself, and it was touch and go whether he would survive. Burrito’s tail was damaged, too, and when he was taken to the vet, half of his tail was removed because he was in pain.

MeloCat via The Dodo

But after a few weeks of care and love, Burrito was starting to feel much better and his human was now confident he would make a full recovery.

Burrito got his name because of the way he was wrapped up constantly during his early days with his human, and the name just stuck!

Because Burrito was abandoned by his previous owners, he developed pretty bad separation anxiety and didn’t even want to be put down. While his rescuer didn’t plan on keeping him, she couldn’t resist!

MeloCat via The Dodo

She took him absolutely everywhere. Burrito went grocery shopping, illegally traveled on trains, and even joined his human at the dinner table! Such was his fear of being abandoned again, he wasn’t about to let his new human leave him behind.

MeloCat via The Dodo

And although Burrito wasn’t keen on other cats at first, after a short space of time surrounded by a group of cats in his human’s apartment, he quickly came around.

Burrito was a lot smaller than his feline brothers and sisters, but that didn’t stop him from asserting his authority! He quickly made himself at home, and more than held his own in the presence of the much bigger cats he lived with!

MeloCat via The Dodo

And when Strawberry arrived in the apartment, Burrito’s had found his girlfriend! The two quickly became inseparable, and now they spend all day in each other’s company.

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