This Woman Quit Her Job So She Could Foster Kittens

This Woman Quit Her Job So She Could Foster Kittens

While many of us love animals, not all of us would be prepared to go to the lengths that Chrissy is to give animals a second chance in life.

When she saw a desperate plea from a nearby shelter for cat foster parents, she was only too delighted to help.

Chrissy via The Dodo

She rescued a number of kittens and cats, some of whom were actually pregnant! Within a short space of time, her home was essentially full of kittens. Some of them were sick and in need of constant care, while others couldn’t feed naturally and required Chrissy to bottle feed her.

Although she’d owned cats before, nothing prepared her for the sheer intensity of fostering all of these kittens at the same time. She had to learn everything as she went, and she was able to rely on the support of her boyfriend, who just loved having the cats around.

As the kittens began to grow, Chrissy was able to find most of them loving homes. However, there was one little guy in particular that her boyfriend refused to let go. He became the newest member of their family, and remained with Chrissy’s four other cats.

After successfully nursing and rehoming the first litter, Chrissy was ready to go again.

Chrissy via The Dodo

But her boss was getting increasingly frustrated with her kitten emergencies, and Chrissy realized that she had a choice to make – give up work or give up fostering.

Seeing as fostering and spending so much time with her kittens brought her so much joy, it was an easy decision! She quit her job there and then and devoted her life to rescuing and fostering kittens.

While she loved being a full-time foster mum to her kittens, Hurricane Harvey hit land in Texas and caused so many problems. She noticed that many of the kittens started getting sick, and she needed help to get the required medication.

Chrissy via The Dodo

Fortunately, one of Chrissy’s followers jumped into action and delivered the medicine for the kittens, and they were able to make a good recovery.

It seems that Chrissy’s love for animals truly knows no bounds, and her efforts to save and rehome cats is something that should inspire us all.

You can keep up with Chrissy and her cats on Instagram.

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