This Woman Initiates an Undercover Operation to Rescue a Baby Chimp in Liberia

Jenny dedicates her life to rescuing chimps in Liberia. Such is her love for the species that so resembles humans, that she treats the chimps in her care as if they were humans, and spends almost every waking minute of the day in their company.

Jenny via The Dodo

She feeds the chimps from a bottle, and allows them to sleep in her bed. When you watch Jenny in action with her chimps, it’s easy to see why she thinks they’re just like human babies.

Her rescue of Ella in particular is the one that was perhaps the most daring.

She was told that a chimp was for sale in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, but she wasn’t in the city at the time. As such, animal authorities attempted the rescue on her behalf, but they were too late and the chimp was sold.

Jenny via The Dodo

But Jenny wasn’t about to give up.

She hatched a plan to go undercover and buy the chimp herself. She traveled to Monrovia and approached the sellers, who were initially demanding $400 for the chimp.

Jenny via The Dodo

It’s likely that the chimp was stolen from her mother in the wild in order to be sold as a pet. The seller wasn’t aware of the level of care and attention required to look after the chimp, and Jenny explained in no uncertain terms the magnitude of the situation.

Jenny brought the chimp back to her sanctuary and gave her the opportunity to interact with other babies of her kind.

Jenny via The Dodo

Although the chimps won’t be able to be released back into the wild, Jenny gives them the best opportunity to live their best possible life.

To find out more about Jenny’s chimp rescue project in Liberia, you can visit her website.

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