This Woman Has Formed the Most Incredible Bond With a Wild Fox

A fox has been visiting Dora’s back yard for years. And instead of fearing the wild animal, as many people in the United Kingdom do, she decided to try and get to know more about her.

Dora has named the fox Faith, but she’s totally wild. She comes and goes as she pleases, but every time that Dora sees her it feels like she finds out something new about the curious animal.

Dora via The Dodo

She has learned a great deal about the personality of wild foxes and has come to the conclusion that they’re undoubtedly misunderstood by most of the population.

One day when Dora watched Faith wander into her garden, she noticed that she had an injured eye. Dora made the decision to help the fox, and although it was a little risky, Faith realized that Dora was someone she could trust.

Dora via The Dodo

Now, the bond between the pair is remarkable. Dora believes that Faith comes to her garden when she needs time to relax and heal. She certainly believes that the fox sees her garden as a sanctuary, as they will often sit together for long periods of time, doing nothing but relaxing and watching the world go by.

Dora’s story is a beautiful and timely reminder that we can all do more to protect the precious lives of wild animals. As she says in her video:

“We take away all the living spaces of wildlife and we harm them in so many ways. I feel there’s something I can do, it might only be my backyard, but in my backyard, all wildlife is welcome, and all foxes are friends.”

Dora via The Dodo

Dora’s outlook on wildlife is so special and something that we can all learn from. To learn more about her incredible work with foxes, you can visit her website.

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