This TINY Kitten Finds His Forever Home and Grows into a Loving Cat

At three weeks old, Francis was the same size as a new-born kitten. And throughout his short life, he wasn’t showing any signs of putting on weight.

That’s when Ellen was called, as she is known to take on what she describes as ‘the hopeless cases.’ This is an affectionate way of saying that she’s asked to take on cats that nobody else wants.

Ellen via The Dodo

However, Francis couldn’t have found a better companion. Ellen is kind, patient, and immediately recognized that tiny Francis had the potential to be an amazing cat.

As Ellen learned more about Francis, she realized that he wasn’t about to be put off by his size. In fact, he shows that he wanted to live his life like a normal cat, and he even mastered going up and down the stairs all by himself!

Ellen via The Dodo

But as Francis’ foster mum, Ellen was determined to help Francis find his forever home. And that’s exactly what she did.

In an incredibly cute adoption ceremony, Francis was introduced to his new family and he went on to live his happily ever after.

Nowadays, Francis has gained good weight and is delighted to be able to do everything else other cats can do. He couldn’t be happier in his new home, and it’s just so great that he was given the perfect start in life!

Ellen via The Dodo

It’s wonderful to know that nobody gave up on Francis, and helped him develop into the loving family pet that he is today!

Isn’t it just great when these stories have such a happy ending?

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