This Rescue Cat and Horse are Inseparable and Have the Cutest Relationship

When you think about most cats, they tend to pass the time by playing, sleeping, and exploring the great outdoors. But horse riding? It’s not usually a hobby you would associate with a feline!

But Morris is an exception!

Jennifer via The Dodo

When he was rescued, he quickly made friends with Champy, a beautiful horse, and their friendship flourished from day one. Champy was incredibly affectionate towards the cat, and continually approached the veranda to see if Morris was around.

Then one day, Morris decided to hop onto Champy’s back without being invited, and he made himself comfortable on top of the horse! While his human thought this would just be a one-off thing, she was mistaken!

Jennifer via The Dodo

Now it’s almost impossible to see one without the other. Morris loves nothing better than riding around the fields on the back of his best buddy.

But their relationship has a softer side, too. They love to groom one another, which isn’t always easy given the size difference between horse and cat! Regardless of this, they seem to make it work, and it’s just one of a number of ways that they show affection to each other.

Jennifer via The Dodo

Before Morris came to the farm, he had lived his whole life in a cage in the shelter and had never even been outside. It’s clear that his adventurous spirit and love for horse riding is his attempt to make up for lost time, and he’s certainly doing that!

Morris was actually the first to ride Champy, before any human! So everyone jokes that it was Morris who trained the horse, in spite of their relationship being built on a strong mutual bond and a clear love for one another.

Jennifer via The Dodo

Although Champy lives as one of five horses, he spends the vast majority of his time hanging out with his feline friend Morris. The two are truly inseparable and have formed the most unlikely of bonds that we all just love to see!

To keep up with Champy and Morris’ awesome relationship, you can follow them on Instagram.

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