This Persian Kitty Refuses to Leave His Human’s Side

One of the best things about living with a cat is the incredibly unique bond that you’re able to form with your feline companion.

Every cat has a unique personality and is determined to explore the world in their own, often stubborn way.

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While many cats are pretty independent and like to have their own space, Eric the Persian kitty is a different story all together!

As a matter of fact, he likes to spend every waking second with his human, and isn’t remotely interested in spending any time away from his side. He’s brushed at least twice a day and enjoys belly and head rubs. It’s certainly fair to say that he’s a spoiled cat!

Steve via The Dodo

When his human dad is working from home, Eric makes the most of the opportunity to jump up on his desk and ensure he remains the center of his human’s attention.

Eric’s feline brother, Ollie, is less of an attention seeker and tends to keep himself to himself. But that doesn’t deter Eric, and he thrives on the fact that he’s the cat that gets the most human attention!

Steve via The Dodo

One thing that both cats enjoy, however, is watching a show with their human on the iPad. They sit attentively in front of the screens, before falling off to sleep around fifteen minutes in!

At the end of the day, Eric makes his way into his special cat bed, where he always starts his evening with some head rubs. But as his humans go to sleep in the bed next to him, Eric can’t resist the temptation of jumping up and snuggling in.

Steve via The Dodo

Eric and Ollie certainly don’t do much for cat stereotypes! They behave much more like dogs, and Eric’s affection in particular is something that dog owners can undoubtedly resonate with.

To keep up to date with Eric and Ollie’s love affair with their humans, you can follow them on Instagram.

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