This Parrot Just Loves Going Out with His Human!

When you think of a parrot, you probably know them as talkative, friendly birds that are happy just sitting around in the house. But you’ve obviously never met Beau!

Beau isn’t content with just sitting around chatting to humans, he wants to get out and explore. Whether he’s riding a skateboard, or heading to the store, Beau wants to see what’s happening outside.

Mr. Beau Jangles via The Dodo

Although Beau hasn’t had his wings clipped, he’s never shown an interest in flying. This might sound strange, but it’s just the way it is for Beau. His human makes extra sure that he has lots of opportunities to get out in the fresh air and spread his wings, even if he’s not interested in flying.

Beau just loves to play, and he’s so affectionate! It’s just like having any other pet around, and he’s so sweet and gentle to the humans that spend so much time with him.

Mr. Beau Jangles via The Dodo

Just like many dogs get excited when they’re heading out for a car ride with their owners, Beau loves to hit the road. Perhaps it’s because he knows that he’s going somewhere fun, but he just gets so happy and worked up when he’s on the move.

But do you know Beau’s favorite place to visit? Home Depot!

Mr. Beau Jangles via The Dodo

It seems that he loves the idea of helping his humans work on home improvements. When he’s zooming down the aisles on perched on the edge of the shopping cart, Beau looks like he’s truly in his element.

Beau’s dad said:

“Beau’s changed my life because he’s fulfilled something that I didn’t know I needed.”

Mr. Beau Jangles via The Dodo

And as parrots have a lifespan of up to seventy years, it seems that Beau and his humans will share many more wonderful years together in the future!

We love hearing quirky animal stories like this one. It just goes to show that all animals, regardless of their species, are capable of love and affection.

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