This mischievous pup got caught smiling with the fake teeth its dad bought as a prank to take some hilarious self-portraits

Ben Campbell of Michigan was recently caught in a funny prank by his dog ‘Thomas.’ He sensed something strange and distant in his furry little friend; it turned out that the dog was up to something, and Ben was surprised to discover him wearing the fake teeth he had recently purchased online as a joke.

Ben, who spoke with The Dodo, claims the following:

“I’m a moron; I purchased the teeth on Etsy solely to amuse myself.”


Thanks to Ben’s prepared camera equipment, the hilarious episode was caught on camera by hundreds of internet users, making everyone grin.

If we had expected a dog to gnaw on the teeth until they were entirely gone, Thomas had a better idea: show them off and grin.


Ben went on to say:

In the course of my investigation, I discovered that he had his teeth in his mouth, which I was shocked to learn.


Ben couldn’t stop laughing when he saw his dog with a mouth full of fake teeth; clearly, he isn’t the only one in the house with a sense of humour.



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