This Man Gives His Life to Rescuing Pitbulls

Jason has dedicated his life to giving Pitbulls another chance in life. These totally misunderstood dogs are actually incredibly loving and affectionate, but given their reputation, they’re often abandoned at shelters as their owners no longer want them.

Jason via The Dodo

After being raised in a home with a pittie in New York, Jason knows that they’re incredibly sweet dogs with huge hearts. After his brother’s death, he decided to relocate as he was going through a tough time. So, he moved to Georgia and adopted a pittie puppy that gave him a new lease of life.

One day, Jason went to the shelter to find a buddy for his pittie at home. He was devastated to see so many pitties in the shelter, nearly all of them destined to be euthanized. Instead of just feeling bad about it, he decided that he actually wanted to do something about it.

Jason via The Dodo

So, inspired by his experience at the shelter, Jason went and volunteered his time at pet shelters in Georgia, learning more about dogs and pitties in particular. Anytime he shared his idea of starting a pittie shelter, people scoffed at him and told him he would fail. That only spurred him on even more.

He set up his shelter called Friends to the Forlorn and has done everything in his power to rehome and provide love to pitties that would otherwise be abandoned. His mission is so simple but so pure, and Jason serves as a true inspiration to us all.

Jason via The Dodo

He shows that if you see an injustice, instead of sitting there complaining, you should take responsibility and do something about it.

His work with pitties deserves huge respect, and if you can support Jason and his shelter, please do so by visiting their website

We’ll leave you with Jason’s words:

“People say ‘Oh, you run a great Pit bull rescue.’ And in the back of my mind I’m like, ‘nah, these pit bulls run a great Jason rescue.’”

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