This Little Girl Becomes Best Friends with a Fox!

We’re often inspired by unusual friendships that develop between humans and animals that are supposed to be wild and dangerous. But in reality, when humans and animals bond with a mutual appreciation and respect for one another, there’s no end to the limits of their affection.

Foxes are often regarded to be dangerous to humans, and if they get into your yard or house, they have been known to attack young children and cause serious injury or death. However, Phoenix has had the opportunity to develop an unbelievably close relationship with a fox, and she has redefined the boundaries thought possible between humans and these vastly misunderstood creatures.

The Dodo

In this inspiring video, you can see how much the fox loves to play. She turns over for her belly to be rubbed, she climbs all over his human friend, and she basically acts like you would expect a domesticated pet to. It’s easy to understand how the pair have developed a seemingly inseparable bond.

POEN 119 This Little Girl Becomes Best Friends with a Fox!
The Dodo

As Rachel, Phoenix’s mum explains, her daughter’s relationship with the fox is highly unusual in Australia:

“In 2015 we had to take in a baby fox. In Australia, foxes are considered to be vermin so there was nowhere else for her to go. I wasn’t going to let her die and I knew that we could give her a great home.”

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They named the fox Fergie, and although she can be a little wary of adults, the relationship she has developed with Phoenix has been quite remarkable. They trust one another 100% and they have a unique and special bond that is so wonderful to see.

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Phoenix feeds Fergie every morning and plays with her in different ways. Just like cats and dogs, foxes need stimulation. While they shouldn’t be kept as pets, because Fergie couldn’t be safely released into the wild, the family feels incredibly lucky to have had this experience and developed such a strong bond with the fox.

The Dodo

Fergie and Phoenix are truly like siblings, and their relationship seems to go from strength to strength. It’s just so wonderful to see such an unusual relationship flourish – thanks so much for sharing it with us Jen and Phoenix!


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