This Little Dog Befriended A Butterfly, And For A Moment The World Was Perfect

Despite the fact that peace on Earth may still be a long way off, this pooch and her odd new friend provided the world with a rare glimpse of perfect harmony.

Rylee Boland and her French bulldog, Mochi, were relaxing at home in California the other week when a colorful little stranger decided to pay them a visit. A monarch butterfly had landed on their backyard wall to warm his wings in the sun.

Mochi went up to welcome him right away.

Though Mochi is typically a rambunctious pup, she seemed to understand the delicate insect would prefer a gentler sort of welcome.

“She was so sweet and did not want to hurt it,” Boland told The Dodo. “She is very well-behaved and has the kindest heart.”

In return, the butterfly lingered within sniffing distance, presumably sensing that the curious tiny canine did not wish him any harm.

“Both the butterfly and Mochi were so peaceful that I was able to take a lot of photos,” Boland explained.

This endearing relationship lasted about 15 minutes before the butterfly flew flight. He even briefly landed on Boland’s hand before continuing on his trip.

The wonderful sight that day was made possible by a common sense of kindness and trust – qualities in Mochi that the world could always use more of.

Boland, for one, didn’t fail to see the beauty in the time Mochi spent with the butterfly — a time during which the world, for a moment, seemed just about perfect.

“It was an amazing experience,” she said.


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