This Kitten’s Incredible Transformation Will Amaze You

Often, it takes a long time for animals to trust the humans that try and save them. And this is the case with Jaina and this feral kitten. Jaina was called to rescue the kitten who was trapped in a skeptic hole. She was lying in mud and dirty water and was aggressive.

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Anytime that Jaina went to try and pull the kitten free, she would hiss and snarl, and try and bite the hand of her rescuer. After much trying, Jaina finally managed to prise the frightened and hissing kitten from the hole.

They got her into a cat carrier and took her to the clinic. They quickly realized that one of the reasons she was in such distress was that both of her back legs were badly broken. Jaina realized that nursing her back to health would be a struggle, and she was prepared for the long-haul.

Cats Of San Bernardino via The Dodo

Jaina immediately gave her some pain meds, which calmed her down enough so they could remove her from her kitty cage and give her a bath. The vet said that she probably wouldn’t be able to walk, and that Jaina should just make her as comfortable as possible.

So she took it upon herself to carry her little kitten around everywhere with her. She slowly nursed her back to health, cradled her in her arms, and gave her round the clock love and care. Jaina even made her a walking harness, so she could practice walking and moving herself around the house, without dragging her legs behind her.

Cats Of San Bernardino via The Dodo

Jaina and her partner decided to call the kitten Bastet, and she now shows them incredible love and affection. She can also walk and jump by herself, and has undergone the most amazing transformation.

Cats Of San Bernardino via The Dodo

It just goes to show that, with a little bit of love and care, animals can enjoy the second chance in life they so desperately deserve. Thanks Jaina!

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