This Incredibly Affectionate Cat Does Everything with His Human

Milo is a cat who just adores human affection. His human, Heather, might think he’s a pain in the butt once in a while, but she loves him all the same!

As soon as Heather wakes up, Milo arrives on her bed right on cue, to say good morning and encourage her to get out of bed. Even on her days off Milo doesn’t give Heather a chance to have a lie in, and instead wakes her up and asks her to get ready for the day.

Heather via The Dodo

When Heather heads to the bathroom, Milo is literally one step behind. Even when she’s taking a shower, Milo is scratching at the door trying to get in, and he’s not happy that he’s away from his human for even a few seconds.

Heather via The Dodo

Next, Heather cleans her skin, brushes her teeth, and brushes her hair. And Milo? He demands that Heather does the same for him! He even has his own toothbrush as he doesn’t like being left out of the daily routine.

Heather via The Dodo

After breakfast, Heather sets up her desk and gets to work, with Milo right next to her. He tends to fall asleep after a while, but he makes sure she knows he’s around.

The pair head outside in the afternoon for some fresh air, before settling down and relaxing together in the evening. As bedtime approaches, Heather likes to chill out by reading a book, but Milo often paws it away in favor of his human’s attention!

Heather via The Dodo

He then prepares for his rest after a busy day with his human, by snuggling down beside her. Heather can’t believe how lucky she is to have Milo in her life, and believes that he’s one of the most affectionate cats in the world.

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