This Guy Modifies His Garden Fence So His Dogs Can Welcome Their Mum Home from Work!

Erin is like lots of other dog owners; she absolutely adores her two puppies. Every day during the week, Erin heads out to work and leaves the dogs behind.

So, her boyfriend Dean came up with an innovative way for the dogs to safely greet Erin as soon as she returned from work – he decided to cut some peepholes in the fence so the dogs could see out into the drive!

Erin & Dean via The Dodo

Both dogs, Billie and Seymour, love nothing more than standing up and fighting for the best position to welcome their mum home from a hard day at the office!

But this wasn’t the only modification that the couple made to the fence.

As their friendly next door neighbors brought home an adorable dog called Wynnie, both Seymour and Billie immediately made friends with him.

Erin & Dean via The Dodo

That’s when the humans had the brainwave to put a small doggie gate in the fence, so they could open it and let the dogs mingle and play with each other! Seymour in particular loves playing with his neighbor, and will explode through the fence like a tornado whenever the gate is opened!

The only problem for the dogs is when it comes time to shut the gate and return to their respective homes! But thanks to the awesome modification, they won’t have to wait long until their next play date is arranged.

Erin & Dean via The Dodo

You can keep up with Billie, Seymour, Erin & Dean by following them on Instagram.

I wonder how many people will take inspiration from Dean and modify their garden fences so their dogs can socialize with the neighbors?!

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