This Guy Cycled Around the World with a Stray Cat He Wasn’t Planning to Adopt

We all know how easily we’re affected by the love of animals. When Dean was cycling around the world, he heard meowing coming from behind some rocks as he stopped for a drink.

Dean via The Dodo

It was clear to Dean that someone had taken the kitten up to the rocks and dumped her there. After feeding her some of his pesto, he set about planning to find a safe home for her. It wasn’t his intention to take her with him at first.

Dean cleared out a little space in his cycling bag, and let the kitten snuggle up inside. But much to Dean’s welcome surprise, the cat wasn’t content with just staying inside the bag! She snuck out and attached herself to his neck while he was cycling.

Dean via The Dodo

After a few days on the road with the kitten, Dean had fallen in love. He got her a passport and a microchip, and decided to take her with him, wherever he decided to go.

Dean named the beautiful kitten ‘Nala’ and they continued their journey around the world together. It doesn’t matter whether they’re camping out under the stars, or cycling through a busy city, Nala is very content to be in Dean’s company.

Dean via The Dodo

Unfortunately, while Dean was cycling in Europe, he suffered a nasty injury and hurt his ankle. As he couldn’t cycle for a while, he decided to pack up into a camper van and head home for a few weeks. He was just desperate to introduce Nala to his family.

Dean via The Dodo

And without a doubt, the best part of the video is when Dean is reunited with his family back home in Scotland, and he has a big hug with his beloved Gran!

Great video, guys! Let’s hope you can enjoy many more incredible journeys together in the future.

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