This Goose Thanks Her Rescuer Every Single Day by Flying Alongside His Boat

When a human saves an animal, it’s not always easy for them to show their gratitude. Of course, if you rescue a shelter cat or dog, seeing them happy every day is enough to prove to you that the animal is extremely grateful for your intervention.

But what happens when you rescue a wild animal?

When Mike was out on his boat one day, he noticed a baby goose struggling in the water all by herself. It was clear she had been cut off from his family.

Mike via The Dodo

Mike picked the goose out of the water and even introduced her to a new family. But she was rejected by them, perhaps because of her injured foot. It’s common for geese to abandon their young if they don’t think they will make it.

Unwilling to let the young goose die, Mike decided to take matters into his own hands. While he admits he didn’t really know what he was doing, he was committed to caring for the goose and made sure that nothing happened to her.

Mike via The Dodo

He made sure that Kyle the goose was never held in any sort of captivity, as Mike always wanted her to return to the wild when she was strong enough. And that’s exactly what happened.

Mike via The Dodo

Kyle now lives her own life, but chooses to stay close to Mike and check in on the family regularly. Every time that Mike takes the boat out, Kyle will fly alongside it and even hop on the back swimming deck to socialize with her human friends.

Mike via The Dodo

When Kyle gave birth to a gosling of her own, it turned out that she wasn’t the best mum! So Mike took it upon himself to raise baby Jack, too.

This incredible story just goes to show how important it is to show love to any animal that you come across. They all have a heart and they all need to be loved.

Thanks for sharing this awesome story, Mike!

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