This Donkey Thinks She’s a Human and Simply Adores Her Family

When baby Opal came into the world, she was in the care of humans who had her best interests at heart. While baby donkeys tend to spend most of their early days within constant reach of their mothers, Opal had different ideas.

Juliana via The Dodo

She seemed a lot more interested in following Juliana’s kids around the fields and seeing what they were up to, rather than remaining in her paddock!

And in spite of the fact that she’s very obviously a donkey, Juliana can’t help but think she’s strikingly similar to a dog. She wags her tail and just loves human attention, which is of course something that is so commonly seen in the life of a dog.

Juliana via The Dodo

Opal spends her days running around in the beautiful pastures that surround her home, and she happily chases Juliana’s kids wherever they go.

That being said, Opal was still very connected to her mum, Martha, and would always seek her out when she wanted to eat or if she was feeling a little down.

Juliana via The Dodo

But she began broadening her horizons, and quickly found her way into Juliana’s house, where she was very warmly welcomed by her kids! They sit down and relax together, and Opal makes herself very much at home.

One of Opal’s favorite things is snuggling into her humans and she even falls asleep next to the kids in bed, or curled up next to Juliana on the sofa.

Juliana via The Dodo

If the kids spend any time with the other donkeys, Opal immediately gets jealous and ensures that she once again becomes the center of attention! And given how much she’s loved by her humans, it’s difficult for them to turn their back on her.

You can keep up with the amazing adventures of Opal and her human family on Instagram.

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