This Dog was Abandoned On an Island and Left to Die. The Story of Her Rescue is Inspiring

In the wake of a deadly hurricane that swept through Louisiana, Aja was told about a dog that was stranded on an island. The couple that got in touch with Aja had tried to rescue the dog, but she was too skittish and kept running away.

Compassion Kind Foundation via The Dodo

When Aja herself arrived on the island, she spotted the dog after a few minutes, but she bolted as she was so terrified. Undeterred, Aja waited patiently and tried to coax the scared dog towards her.

Aja used a trap and tried to encourage the dog into it by leaving some wet food in there, but to no avail. Instead, she told her friends to leave her on the island and move the boat away. She thought this might encourage the dog to be a little more confident and allow her to approach.

Compassion Kind Foundation via The Dodo

After gaining the dog’s trust over several hours, Aja decided that she just needed to go for it. That’s when she grabbed her and ushered her safely out of the bushes back towards the boat.

As soon as they got back to the boat, the dog immediately relaxed in Aja’s arms. She knew that she was finally safe and free from the trauma of the island where she was trapped for so long.

Compassion Kind Foundation via The Dodo

After nursing her back to health for a couple of weeks, Aja got the dog she called Marsha into a foster home, where she was delighted to be playing with the other dogs who shared the home.

Compassion Kind Foundation via The Dodo

Marsha is still looking for her forever home, so if you think you could give her the loving, supportive home that you need, get in touch with them on Facebook:

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