This Dog Had Never Been Inside Before and Was Taught How to Live by His Foster Brother

When Willie was rescued, it appears that he had never once been inside. He didn’t like doors, he was unsure of the touch of the floor, and he had absolutely no idea what stairs were or how to use them.


While he wasn’t terrified, you could see that the whole experience was extremely difficult for him to process, and he just had no idea how to behave when inside the house.

Willie’s foster parents introduced him to their other dog, Carlo, and hoped that the two could strike up a positive relationship. They thought that by showing him that being inside was okay, Willie would begin to come out of his shell.


The only issue was, Carlo took a while to warm to Willie!

He tends not to like the company of high-energy dogs, but came around after a month or so. When their relationship began to develop, Willie’s foster parents were thrilled to see their new buddy develop a new personality.

As you can tell from the video, Willie and Carlo became the best of friends. They played together, shared a bed, and became almost inseparable. It was clear that the relationship helped both dogs really come out of their shells.


And it wasn’t long before Willie got his forever home. He was adopted by a lovely couple not far from his foster home, and thanks to the incredible bond he developed with Carlo, he was able to master his fears and enjoy life like any puppy should!


This story shows that all dogs, regardless of their initial fears and reservations, can adapt and live amazing lives. We hope Willie goes onto enjoy his future with his forever family, and we’re so grateful this story has such a happy ending!

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