This Cute Dog Decided to Join a High School Relay Race Half-Way Through and Won First Prize!

Track and field events have long been popular with human competitors. But sometimes, dogs can’t help themselves from getting involved, and want to try and steal all of the glory for themselves!

When Gracie Laney was rounding the final corner of a relay track event in Utah, she was well in the lead and focused on getting over the finish line without any mishaps.

Little did she know that a fluffy little competitor had decided to join the event at the final corner!

This Cute Dog Decided to Join a High School Relay Race Half-Way Through and Won First Prize!

Out of nowhere, the little dog appears as the runners reach the final bend, and although he starts a considerable distance behind Gracie, he soon catches her up.

And he’s not content with just getting to the front, either! He actually trumps Gracie to the finish line, almost accidentally tripping her up in the process.

Everyone in the crowd was stunned at the incredible feat achieved by the little dog – he covered a huge distance in lightning quick time, in a remarkable show of athleticism.

Speaking to The Dodo, Gracie said:

“I thought it was a runner at first, but then I realized it was a dog! I for sure wasn’t ready for a dog to come through with a challenge! He had to win for all that effort.”

As Gracie was getting her breath back at the end of the race, she looked around for the dog to congratulate the canine on his awesome success!

But he wasn’t around as he had been quickly escorted back to the sides to watch the remaining races from the safety of the stands.

Fortunately, the little dog didn’t cause an upset or affect the race in any way. With such impressive speed, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the canine was recruited for a track and field team in Utah in the near future!