This Cat Was Rescued From a Parking Lot & is So Grateful to His New Family

When Mary Kate saw a nervous kitten in a parking lot by a busy road, she was sure that something wasn’t right. Although she didn’t look in any pain, it was clear that she was distressed and was looking for help.

Mary Kate & Cody via The Dodo

Mary Kate spent the next thirty minutes sitting on the kerb, speaking to the cat and trying to gain his trust. Eventually he came up to her, and she was able to stroke him and show him that everything was going to be okay.

When he trusted Mary Kate fully, she was able to encourage the cat to jump in the car. The pair went straight to the emergency vet, so the cat could have a checkup.

Mary Kate & Cody via The Dodo

The vet looked to see if the cat had a microchip, but he didn’t. This meant that Mary Kate was free to take him home and show him the love that he deserved.

Mary Kate’s partner Cody took the cat into the shower with him and cleaned him up in the shower, using some special kitty shampoo. Although he was meowing throughout his shower, he was pretty happy with the process and was happy to be fresh and clean.

Mary Kate & Cody via The Dodo

The couple decided to name the cat Klaus, and they grew to adore his playful and affable personality. After getting over his initial nerves of being in a new place, he quickly settled in and made the house his own.

Cody reckons he’s actually a bit like a dog, as he loves to play and is always by their side whenever food is around!

Mary Kate & Cody via The Dodo

It’s wonderful to think that Klaus found Mary Kate in the parking lot that day. He’s now an essential part of Cory and Mary Kate’s family, and they can’t imagine what life would be like without him.

You can keep up with their adventures on Instagram.

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