This Bird Looks Like A Fluffy Little Dragon

If you like fantasy movies, you must have had numerous instances when you hoped that the mysterious animals in them existed in real life. Wouldn’t that have been fantastic? Fortunately for us, the big-eared nightjars appear to be monsters straight out of a fantasy film, yet they are extremely real.


The large-eared nightjar is a bird found in Southeast Asia’s tropical woodlands. These birds are nocturnal and use the darkness as a cover as they fly through the forest.

One feature that distinguishes them is that they prepare their nests on the forest floor, letting their chicks be well-camouflaged due to the abundance of dried leaves. When it comes to appearance, these birds are unlike any other bird.


The great eared nightjar has the appearance of a fluffy little dragon or a creature from a Harry Potter film. These birds are very stunning and have the ability to bring the fantasy world we love to life.


Although there are other nightjar species in the world, they are not as distinctive as the big-eared ones, which resemble a small dragon in appearance. They are, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind.


Their brown color allows them to fit in perfectly with nature, and their beady eyes add to their cuteness. We should not ignore anyone who claims to have seen a dragon soaring across the sky.

It’s always possible that it was a great eared nightjar going around spreading its magic in the human world. Don’t forget to share this tale with your relatives and friends so they may learn about this fascinating bird.


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