This Beaver Loves Spending Time with the Family that Rescued Him

You might be wondering how a beaver rescue actually works! This story starts when Nancy got a call from a neighbor, informing her that an abandoned beaver had been found at the side of the road.


Nancy made a commitment to help raise the beaver and ensured he built up his strength and independence. As you would expect, it’s important for beavers to be in and around the water, so Nancy was careful not to take him away from his natural habitat.

They have an awesome policy whereby the beaver can come and go as he pleases, and he thoroughly enjoys waiting at the back door until Nancy lets him in for cuddles!


In the video, we see Beave the beaver [great name!] play with his human companions and also cause havoc at the same time. It’s a beaver’s natural instinct to build a dam, so Beave liberally helps himself to all sorts of household items, including pillows, rugs, tissue boxes, and shoes, and builds himself a dam in Nancy’s living room!

However, this behavior doesn’t concern Nancy. After all, it’s all part of the process of preparing Beave for his life back in the wild, as it’s certainly not Nancy’s intention to keep Beave in and around her home when he’s old enough to leave them behind.


As well as building dams in Nancy’s home, Beave also loves to join the family while they’re kayaking, and although he’s a perfect swimmer, he loves nothing more than climbing aboard the paddle and preserving his energy!


While it might be difficult for many of us to imagine a beaver wandering into our living rooms, all wet from the stream, it’s a daily reality for Nancy! And while she’s desperately hoping that Beave will return to the wild in the near future, a part of her hopes that he will still come by and hang out with the family from time to time.

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