These orphaned baby animals – hippo and a rhino fell in love with each other at the sanctuary

It was love at first sight between the baby hippo and the rhino.

You’ll fall head over heels in love with these two natural wonders because of their incredible and implausible at first glance relationship. You can’t help but fall in love with the adorableness and magnificence of these two long-term inhabitants of the Rhino Orphanage.

Many rescued rhinos now call this refuge home, including the lovely Makosi, a female rhino who was brought there shortly after her birth. In reality, this refuge is home to a hippo named Charlie as well as rhinoceros. It was fortunate that they were saved and taken to this safe haven, where they would be protected and cared for, as well as the love and kindness that they would receive from their mothers. The sanctuary chose to group them together after learning about their predicament because they had so much in common. Their decision proved to be a wise one as they later learned. As soon as the orphaned animals were introduced to each other, they formed a close friendship.

Being surrounded by other animals made it difficult for the male hippo to see that he was different, so it’s likely he thought the same thing. Currently, these two are inseparable, so don’t miss a chance to play and cuddle with one another.

Though a hippo was brought in to replace the orphaned rhino, Charlie was unable to forget his initial love and continued to engage with the rhino. You may read about their unique and unfathomable bond down below in this video!


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